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CPU Statistics Table

The CPU Statistics table provides performance statistics for each CPU.

Class: cpuStatsEntry

Instance: value of cpuStatsDescr and cpuStatsIndex attributes for the specific CPU

Each table entry provides the latest statistics for one CPU. The agent periodically (every 60 seconds) checks the status of the system data structures for each CPU and records the values in the table. Use the CPU Statistics table to monitor the following statistics:

When you use the CPU statistics table, see the cpuStatsLastUpdate column for information about the time (in TimeTicks) that this row was last updated. This column provides information whether the statistics have been updated since you last queried the table.

Class: cpuGroup

Each table entry provides the latest statistics for all CPUs in one group. The related CPU Totals group adds the metrics from the table to display a total for all CPUs. It also provides totals for processor and entitled capacity consumed by LPAR.