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What Is CA IDMS?

Advantage CA Integrated Data Management System (CA IDMS) is a family of products that manage and provide access to data. At its heart is a database management system that enables consistent, reliable, and robust data access services to applications running on diverse platforms ranging from the desktop to the enterprise mainframe. CA IDMS databases can be defined and accessed as either relational databases using SQL or as network databases using either SQL or a non-SQL Codasyl-based language referred to as navigational DML.

CA IDMS is also an application server (or teleprocessing monitor) providing a run-time environment for the execution of online application programs. These may be client or server applications communicating with a partner through a protocol such as TCP/IP or APPC or they may interact directly with a user at a 3270 terminal. Online programs may be written in COBOL, PL/I, Assembler, or CA ADS, a 4-GL language that facilitates programming in a CA IDMS environment.

Underpinning all of the CA IDMS family of products is an integrated data dictionary (IDD) that serves as the repository for data definitions, application definitions, and CA IDMS system configuration parameters. Tools and compilers retrieve information from the dictionary and in turn update it so that it becomes an actively maintained source of usage and cross-reference information.

A number of application related products and facilities extend the core database, application, and dictionary functionality. These include: